Yoswein New York is a full-service public affairs firm that provides clients with the insight
and strategies necessary to succeed in today’s complex public policy environments.

  • Land Use Consulting

    The YNY team knows that in today’s environment of well-organized and politically-savvy communities, successful land use and development projects require the creation of thoughtful, comprehensive public affairs campaigns. ... Read more >

    Land Use Consulting
  • Issues Lobbying

    YNY has been extremely successful at both the State and City levels thanks to a combination of strategic thinking, strong governmental relationships and a commitment to extensive documentation and follow-up. ... Read more >

    Issues Lobbying
  • Budget Lobbying

    YNY has a strong record of helping to secure funding for highly-regarded organizations, institutions and projects in the public interest through the development of well-documented proposals and thoughtful campaigns. ... Read more >

    Budget Lobbying
  • Communications and PR

    YNY has proven that effective communications and public relations strategies are not only valuable tools for successful businesses, but have become integral parts of today’s sophisticated, comprehensive public affairs campaigns. ... Read more >

    Communications and PR
  • Grass Roots Campaigns

    YNY's ability to develop and implement comprehensive grass roots campaigns – finding, engaging and motivating key stakeholders – provides clients with an incredibly effective tool in today’s complex public affairs arena. ... Read more >

    Grass Roots Campaigns